A Sneak Preview….

In this final part I am going to show you how I built 3 businesses in the past decade.

And a system for you to do the same.

….the definition of insanity is doing to same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

If you want something different you have to DO something different. We have all heard of these cliches and we know what to do but we don’t do what we know!!

I thought about writing out how I integrate my time management with my goals and long term dreams, to give me certainty that I am working on the right things that will take me along the right path. However, in the end, I thought it would be much better to simply show you what I do.

In the video below you will get sneak preview of my own personal daily activity and how I know it works.

This is what somebody said after watching the video today.

For me the demo was brilliant. I saw how your plan can work for someone like me and that is exciting because I currently don’t have plans to own my own business but I can see how I might use this to improve my way of life. I also now understand better what you are all about with this business venture. Again, brilliant.

Press the play button to get live insight into my daily activity to find out how I built 3 businesses as a single parent. I used all the systems under the sun from Filofax to Covey Planners, to Tony Robbins RPM and various apps and reminders, but nothing worked for me as a woman with multiple priorities. Get some insight into my proprietary system that has worked for me and thousands of others by clicking below.

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You will avoid guilt and overwhelm if you follow this system. Guaranteed or your money back!

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My Best Year Ever

I will never be making this offer again. This is a once in a life time, genuine offer, to use an infallible system with my support for the price of two cappuccinos a month!

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Click the image above, to see another little message from me.

People who routinely set and track goals earn 9 times more than those who don’t! People who take control of their lives and achieve their dreams are more fulfilled than those who don’t !

Take advantage of this proven system at this never to be repeated price!

if you would like to talk to us about editing and tailoring My Best Year Ever for your business, coaching practice or team then please visit our main website by clicking the image below.

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Here’s what some of our customers have said about this system.

‘Hi Tracey,

Just to say what a pleasure it was going through the questions and setting up my IFPC platform.

Simple and rewarding.

Loved the certificate and how it pulled out the points giving impact. Well structured and credit to you.

I have to say even though I was on board from the start you don’t get the real value until you go through the process.’ Anthony Tilley, CEO Bespoke

‘Just completed My Plan and the system is absolutely fantastic. Thank you!’ Erika Brodnock, CEO and Founder Karizma Kidz

‘Whenever I log into Dump Chunk Do in My Best Year Ever it takes the world off my shoulders. The coaching workshop helped and supported me in setting my goals and now in Track My Plan I am tracking my goals on a regular basis. Keeping a record of my activity and what I have achieved and also dumping all my task lists from paper and Outlook and social media into one place is so powerful ..it literally gives me peace of mind’ Peter Coleman, Lloyds

With this system, I am able to consolidate all of my lists, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals in one place. For someone who needs to or wants to manage their time, it’s invaluable. I don’t forget anything as I can record my thoughts and “to do” tasks as they come to mind and am able to stay on track with all of my objectives, because the information I need is at my finger tips. Ask anyone who is successful in business what one of their top attributes is and they will all say the same, 100% laser focus. This is what MBYE gives me. I would highly recommend this software to anyone who wants to get organised, stay organised and remain on track to achieve their Best Year Ever. Mandy Collins, Entrepreneur

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Cloud based, digital, personalised and interactive coaching, goal setting and time management. Manage everything all in one place and use on the go to eliminate paper lists forever and regain control of your time.
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My Best Year Ever

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