Hello and a very warm welcome to you from me!

It’s a real privilege for me to work with the amazing women I meet, but I guess before you work with me you’ll want to find out a little more, so here goes…

It’s my mission to help you break down your barriers to success, helping you implement change and making sure you achieve the results you want, when you want them.

Although my background is Psychology, with NLP, Personal Development and Servant Leadership, I share from personal experience not merely theory… I’m a business woman, company founder and CEO, coach, mentor, speaker, seminar leader and writer with over 15 years international experience in empowering women to succeed; and I’m a proud single mother of three successful young women too. In the past few years I have given myself the ultimate challenge : A Tech Start UP : in the bullets add at the top Founder and CEO of Mi Purpose.

So as you see, I firmly believe you can enjoy a successful career alongside a fulfilling personal life; the two are not mutually exclusive, though it can be difficult for women to achieve their full potential, which is where I can help.

My greatest “buzz” comes from inspiring you to new levels of success through a deep intuitive awareness of your individual strengths, especially if you are struggling to see your own potential yourself.  I’m a facilitator at heart, believing in drawing out rather than pushing in.  I’ve worked in FTSE boardrooms and with my own staff in a small business; spoken to large audiences of hundreds of people and worked one to one with individuals; so wherever you are in your career and whatever your situation, I will be able to help you.

I ran my first training seminar for women leaders in 2001 for my business eve-olution and since then I’ve coached more than 10,000 of the highest achieving women in Europe and around the World, helping them with their careers, dreams and aspirations.  My clients include global brand leaders in Finance, Retail and IT, such as Cisco, Lloyds, Barclays, B&Q and EDS to name just a few.

Offering results-orientated coaching sensitive to your situation, your needs and your desires, my specialities include…

  • Making dreams come true!
  • Professional Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Peak Performance Coach focused on outstanding results
  • Expert at women’s leadership
  • Supporting women entrepreneurs and in business
  • An understanding of human potential and diversity in all its forms
  • Strategic development & mentoring senior teams
  • Radical organisational design & development
  • Certified international professional speaker impacting large audiences (trained by Joseph McClendon and Joe Williams, Head Speakers and Trainers for Tony Robbins)

On a more personal note, I’ve lived on two Continents and travelled extensively for both work and pleasure, often venturing into the more obscure corners of the globe!  I strongly believe this global experience has given me my passion for people and their personal development, plus a unique sensitivity to individuals’ needs; I continue to research and study whenever I can and frequently bring new discoveries to my work.

With various research reports published in the Financial Times and the Telegraph (check out the media page for copies), I am proud to be a professional advisor to Government on the challenge of senior female representation.

I hope this has given you just a flavour of what I have to offer you; if you’d like to know more, please feel free to drop me an email or download some of our free products on this site.

With passion!

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Tracey Carr

Founder and CEO of : tracey-carr.co.uk | Mi Purpose

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