2016 Goal Map

Happy New Year! As you plan your New Year goals we wanted to give you some tips and ideas to bring those goals to fruition so here is a neat idea from me that I have used since the year 2000 and taught 1000’s of leaders who have used it successfully to reach their dreams […] Read more »

Productivity Guaranteed

Reach your goals

(What I learnt from C-Suite Execs over 15 years as a leadership expert) Like everything in life there, being effective and reaching your goals, isn’t luck or chance but science and method. I have had the tremendous gift of 15 years’ experience working with Corporate Executives in my Life Design seminars, Leadership Development frameworks and […] Read more »

A Sneak Preview….

In this final part I am going to show you how I built 3 businesses in the past decade. And a system for you to do the same. ….the definition of insanity is doing to same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If you want something different you have to DO something […] Read more »

Before we continue, thank you…

I am loving how this idea has taken off. Thank you, thank you! 123 You Rock! ….it is time to celebrate the achievement of setting out a plan for 2014 (more than a New Years resolution) and making some commitments toward creating that vision. Before we move onto step 3 and using My Best Year […] Read more »

Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams

Its almost 10 days into 2014. How are you doing against your January target? GOYA! ….in today’s world people are so busy busy busy! We rush around with the story in our heads ‘I haven’t got time’ We are driven by beliefs that there is never enough time to get everything done and we jump […] Read more »

Begin With The End In Mind

What would you say if I said …. I am your Fairy Godmother ….and you can have anything you want. Just close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine your life exactly the way you want it. In 5 years time …what can you visualise? What achievements ? Who is in your life? What are you […] Read more »

5 Steps to make 2014 your Best Year Ever!!

Thank you to everybody who signed up to have your Best Year Ever with us. We have 10 spaces left for those who are now ready to commit and whether you do or you don’t we are committed to sharing this infallible system with all of you throughout the month of January …and yes you […] Read more »