Women in Leadership at Home and at Work

Isn’t it the truth that just as your career begins to really take off, you also arrive at an age where you are responsible for ageing parents and/or time hungry teenagers? the demands of a business combined with the demands of GCSE’s and A levels plus subsequent and natural teenage rebellion have sometimes felt like […] Read more »

Should I Meditate or Vacuum the Carpets?

I came across an article I wrote a few years ago and it still makes me smile. I have copied it below for your amusement: I have been an evangelist for personal development for three decades. Yep, for thirty years I have read virtually nothing but self help, personal development, psychology and spiritual development. I […] Read more »

Personal Power

I have been reminding myself lately of the male perspective on gender differences.  Here is one of my lessons: One day I was talking to a Chairman, Ronnie Stronge, about male/female differences in networking and that women are generally excluded from business networking because it happens on the golf course.  He asked me how ‘we’ […] Read more »

Queen Bee Syndrome

I’ve just returned from Istanbul where I was asked to speak at the International Conference Centre for Kagider’s annual conference on women’s leadership. It was an incredible experience to hear fellow speakers from all over the world discussing issues that we are familiar with in the UK. Once again I was struck at the similarity of those issues and the […] Read more »