Personal Power

I have been reminding myself lately of the male perspective on gender differences.  Here is one of my lessons: One day I was talking to a Chairman, Ronnie Stronge, about male/female differences in networking and that women are generally excluded from business networking because it happens on the golf course.  He asked me how ‘we’ […] Read more »

Can Women Really Have it All?

You may have seen Anne-Marie’s recent Article in the Atlantic which has already caused a lot of controversy and many people have blogged about it and commented in varying polarised ways. Here is my take: This was written in response to a blog from a leading corporation ‘It was easier when the children were younger as I […] Read more »

Women In Leadership – 6 Distinguishing Characteristics Of Success

Have you ever wondered why some women seem to be able to ‘have it all’ with ease and grace? Well I have the answers because over the past decade I have had the privilege of working with thousands of women all over the world in seminars, workshops and through coaching.  I noticed common themes coming […] Read more »

Gender Awareness for men?

I have just spent two remarkable days with 11 outstanding women from one of our High Street Banks who took part in our GQ™ for Women Leaders seminar. It was a profound experience for many reasons, but mostly because I was in the presence of some truly talented, inspirational women who had all come together […] Read more »