Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams

Its almost 10 days into 2014. How are you doing against your January target? GOYA! ….in today’s world people are so busy busy busy! We rush around with the story in our heads ‘I haven’t got time’ We are driven by beliefs that there is never enough time to get everything done and we jump […] Read more »

Should I Meditate or Vacuum the Carpets?

I came across an article I wrote a few years ago and it still makes me smile. I have copied it below for your amusement: I have been an evangelist for personal development for three decades. Yep, for thirty years I have read virtually nothing but self help, personal development, psychology and spiritual development. I […] Read more »

Do It Like A Woman

You have probably heard people saying that if Lehman Brothers had been Lehman Sisters …..well, you know the rest. Here is a woman who says it might be true and is doing it herself to prove the point. Renee Haugerud runs a billion dollar hedge fund that she started from scratch. Watch the video to […] Read more »

Anne Minto MBE

Recently, I was honoured and excited to be invited to the internal launch of Centrica’s women’s network. Honoured because I was the only external person invited and excited because I wanted to hear Anne Minto, Group Director of Human Resources, speak. I am always surprised by my own perceptions of successful people. I am sure […] Read more »

Jockeying for captaincy

The most frequent reason that women opt out of business life is that they ‘cant be bothered with the boys club’. What does this phrase mean you might ask? I know that the phrase bothers men and so does the term ‘Alpha Male’ because men of this type, who might be in such a cliquey […] Read more »

Deutsche Bank CEO wishes he hadn’t said …

I get a lot of people saying to me …’it has all been done’ or ‘we are beyond this now’ and many companies saying that they are ‘not on board’ with discussing or cascading information on Gender IQ. Saying that your boardroom will be prettier and more colourful when the day dawns that women suddenly […] Read more »

Women Leaders Speak Out Survey

We are delighted to announce the re-launch of  Eve-olution’s landmark survey Women Leaders Speak Out to see if there has been progress for women in the workplace and invite you to take part. In 2003 and again in 2005 opinions were gathered from over 600 women in senior positions in the UK which provided a […] Read more »

How to have success….beyond NLP

 Both Tommy and trees enjoying success without effort!  I have studied and applied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for over a decade. I have been teaching, coaching and supporting the principles of NLP for over two decades. Many of those success strategies fit with what I learned from Psychology and the thousands of personal development books […] Read more »

The Secret to Living is Giving

Xmas Hampers for 440 vulnerable families, personally delivered, December 23rd, 2011 Each year, for the past ten years, myself and my daughters have volunteered a day of our time on December 23rd to pack and deliver food hampers to people who are vulnerable at Xmas time. Last year we missed out on that opportunity and so this year the girls insisted […] Read more »