Workplace bullying

My previous blog on ‘saying no’ prompted a few emails asking for advice on what to do about workplace bullying. It seems that the increase in stress brought about by the never-ending credit crunch has brought about an increase in unreasonable behaviour as well. Intimidating behaviour isn’t always overt and the worst kind is often unspoken, […] Read more »

Saying No

Most of the coaching I am doing at the moment is on time management and where women, especially, seem to struggle (sorry it is a generalisation but there is some truth in it) is in the area of saying no. Here are some suggestions: Prioritise “I’m sorry. That’s not a priority for me right now.” […] Read more »

Should I meditate or vacuum the carpets?

I have had a crazy Summer with three teenagers/youmg adults starting new schools, University, new job and was reminded of an article I wrote a couple of years ago. I have copied it below for your amusement. Should I meditate or vaccum the carpets? I have been an evangelist for personal development for three decades. Yep, for […] Read more »

Personal power

It has been a long, hot and busy Summer over here. Summer holidays are always a challenge for working parents and now that mine are older (and left school) I have to tell you it gets worse! This Summer I have organised a new school for my youngest to do A levels, helped my middle […] Read more »

Do it like a woman

You have probably heard people saying that if Lehman Brothers had been Lehman Sisters …..well, you know the rest. Here is a woman who says it might be true and is doing it herself to prove the point. Renee Haugerud runs a billion dollar hedge fund that she started from scratch. Watch the video to […] Read more »

Anne Minto OBE

Recently, I was honoured and excited to be invited to the internal launch of Centrica’s women’s network. Honoured because I was the only external person invited and excited because I wanted to hear Anne Minto, Group Director of Human Resources, speak. I am always surprised by my own perceptions of successful people. I am sure […] Read more »

Mindset and Manifesting tools: Number 4

I hope you have been enjoying this glorious weather that we have been having. How have you built flexibility into your daily routine so that you can take full advantage of the long Summer evenings? Last night at sunset and after dinner, work, washing, cooking I decided to go for a run on our beautiful […] Read more »

Dealing with trauma

This is a bit off-side from my normal blogs and ramblings about effectiveness and manifesting results. The reason that  I have gone off piste today is because so much of what I am teaching and coaching at the moment is helping people come to terms with past trauma. It seems to me that this is […] Read more »

We’re sorry

We’re sorry. It seems we had some technical issues last week. Thanks to all those emailed to let us know…without your email alerts we might never have known! If you clicked on the link for the free report on Authentic Leadership (the competencies women need to succeed) you will have got an error message. If […] Read more »

Mindset and manifesting tools. Number 3

Most of us feel like this some of the time, if not most of the time with the dual demands of an ever increasing work load and more home responsibilities such as young children, teenagers or ageing parents. In fact women still spend three times longer doing house work than their partners  and then you […] Read more »