Women in Leadership at Home and at Work

Isn’t it the truth that just as your career begins to really take off, you also arrive at an age where you are responsible for ageing parents and/or time hungry teenagers? the demands of a business combined with the demands of GCSE’s and A levels plus subsequent and natural teenage rebellion have sometimes felt like […] Read more »

Queen Bee Syndrome

I’ve just returned from Istanbul where I was asked to speak at the International Conference Centre for Kagider’s annual conference on women’s leadership. It was an incredible experience to hear fellow speakers from all over the world discussing issues that we are familiar with in the UK. Once again I was struck at the similarity of those issues and the […] Read more »

Have you been following the news recently?

Have you been following the news recently? Did you read about the apparent “whacking” of the former Citigroup boss who was presented with his resignation letter by the Chairman which has been described as a Machiavellian power grab? Or did you hear about how UBS traders were locked out of their offices last week as […] Read more »

“What do you want to do every day for the rest of your life?”

Here is  a funny video. But it comes with a warning… If you are easily offended and/or you don’t like swearing please don’t watch it! If you watch it at work make sure you have your headphones on! It is fifteen minutes long so get yourself a coffee and settle down for a shocking but […] Read more »

Authentic Living (Leadership)

  Being authentic is the key to your abundant success. Here is some executive coaching for women leaders (based on 10 years research) Authentic Non-authentic Speaks her truth Keeps quiet to keep the peace Looks for opportunities to shine Keeps head down and gets on with her work Works towards an exciting vision Works for […] Read more »

5 Years from now…Where will you be?

You have probably already heard Tom Daley’s secret to success. When he took to the diving board for his final dive, it was far more than just the culmination of years of hard work and training. It was a moment he had dreamed of since he was nine years old. The eighteen year old 10-meter […] Read more »

Can Women Really Have it All?

You may have seen Anne-Marie’s recent Article in the Atlantic which has already caused a lot of controversy and many people have blogged about it and commented in varying polarised ways. Here is my take: This was written in response to a blog from a leading corporation ‘It was easier when the children were younger as I […] Read more »