Coaching to Empower Your Life

As a coach and mentor, I’m here to empower you, helping you build upon your existing successes, achieve the outcomes you desire and more importantly, create sustainable, long-term strategies for success, fulfillment and happiness.

Coaching skills to empower your lifeMy coaching is a uniquely individual experience; because I am completely comfortable coaching  from my intuition and I will listen to your heart and soul as well as what you tell me from your head. This might challenge you and surprise you but I have learned that is the best way to deal with unconscious blockers

I can bring you this unique perspective because I am privileged to have trained under the greatest  personal development Guru’s in the world and I have studied Psychology, Hypnotherapy  and continue to study under my Spiritual Masters. This cocktail brings an intoxicating mix of Western and Eastern philosophy and I can dip into my vast tool kit to bring you the resources that you need at any time, whether it is on the phone or having an in-depth hypnotherapy session in my beautiful rooms in the Surrey Hills.

I believe in the philosophy of ‘align and re-direct’ and what this means is that you will be met by me at a place that is emotionally comfortable for you. As time goes on you may wish to expand your emotional muscle and, together, we will go on a dynamic journey that gives you the opportunity to focus on your personal needs, understand your values, develop a congruent long term plan and increase fulfillment in every area of your life.

I coach everybody from Investment Bankers to Ballerina’s! This vast experience of dealing with different kinds of people  means that you will feel listened to immediately and impact will be instant. Your journey is important to me too and I will be the hand that supports you and challenges you along the way.

Elite Coaching Programme

This programme is designed to give you 1 year of personal one-on-one coaching with all the support tools and resources you need, including access to my live events and private retreats.

Each coaching session is tailored to exactly what YOU need and you may choose to work on any area of your life…

  • Achieving maximum peak performance and results
  • Defining a new future; set business, personal and financial goals
  • Overcoming fear of public speaking
  • Managing, guilt, procrastination, fear or anything else which may be holding you back
  • Developing leadership style by understanding your core values and personality profile
  • Balancing personal and career life; possibly even get into better shape
  • Becoming more powerful in a male dominated environment

I’m proud to say every Elite Coaching client who has experienced my full 12 month programme has seen dramatic results and achieved 100% of what they set out to do – without exception – and you can do it too.

This is more than just normal coaching… it is a journey of self-discovery… a brilliant programme to map out and achieve everything you want from life.

More information on Tracey’s coaching packages

Listen to a Short Insert From a Live Coaching Session on How to Manage Your Time and How to Say No!

If you need a little time to reflect why not take up one of my other options? Developed  just for you if you need something a little more flexible.

I would love to continue the coaching sessions because every time they have a ‘lightbulb’ feeling moment which I can feel has the potential of being life-changing for me and I feel I need some support to navigate through this life change.
Investment Banker

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