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Personal 1 year, Elite One-to-One Coaching Programme

This unique one on one experience with Tracey will give you the opportunity to focus on your personal needs, understand your values, develop a congruent long term plan and increase fulfillment in every area of your life.

The intention of having a coach is to enable you to build upon your success to achieve your outcomes and more importantly create consistency by building in long-term accountability. This programme with Tracey is designed to give you 1 year of personal one-on-one coaching with all the support tools and resources that you need.

You may choose to work on any area of your life. Perhaps you want to improve the quality of your relationships, or maybe you want to get in better shape, or possibly even set out business and financial goals. Maybe you want to double your income! Whatever it is, Tracey has the personal experience and professional skills that can help to achieve any or all of your goals.

Each coaching session can be tailored for whatever YOU want!

  • Achieve maximum peak performance and results
  • Define a new future
  • Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking
  • Manage, guilt, procrastination, fear or anything else that might be holding you back
  • Develop leadership style by understanding your core values and personality profile
  • Balance Personal and Career Life
  • Become more powerful in influencing all personality types Personal Coaching Clients who have experienced Tracey for a year have seen dramatic results and have achieved 100% of what they have set out to do (every time) and you can do it too!

‘This is more than just normal coaching… it is a journey of self-discovery… a brilliant program of mapping out and achieving everything you want from life”
Fiona Andrews

Consider having Tracey as your personal success coach if:

  • you want to reach your FULL potential
  • you feel like you need some motivation to actually take real action with your life
  • you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel with no control
  • you need help in setting out your goals and what it is you really want from life
  • you know where you want to be in life but haven’t figured out how
  • you want to have a mentor to bounce ideas off
  • you want to improve the quality of areas in your life – health & fitness, relationship, finances
  • you want to accomplish more in a year than most people do in a lifetime
  • you want to manage your own success
  • you simply want to get the most you can out of your life

You want a coach who has been there and done it all personally and has coached over 10,000 ambitious women across the world

Tracey’s personal elite one-on-one coaching program is designed for 1 full year to give maximum impact and it will begin as soon as you make the decision to commit to changing your life.

Choose Tracey as your ‘personal one-on-one’ success coach and you will:

  • have Tracey’s full attention to work on yourself, your key relationships (even kids) your boss, your business, your dreams
  • have the luxury of privacy and confidentiality
  • have the ability to ask specific questions and discuss relevant topics you might not usually be able to (like in a seminar situation)
  • have the freedom to customise the program to your outcomes not what you are told to learn
  • have the flexibility of choosing your coaching times to fit into your life
  • have personal access to Tracey and her team of experts
  • experience Tracey’s unique passion and ‘whatever it takes’ attitude to get you to your goals. This is why this more than just a one off seminar or coaching experience

On this programme you will learn that it is:

  • a journey of self-discovery that will unleash your passion and zest and for live
  • a brilliant program of setting out and achieving everything you want from life
  • about the consistency and habits you will create
  • working every day towards having the life you want
  • grounded in spiritual principles that work without effort
  • some of the best-proven, real life, easy to implement strategies, concepts and activities
  • tailored to work at your own pace · it is an ‘outcome’ driven program that will get you real results
  • recurring and ongoing so you feel ’empowered’ for the whole year
  • step-by-step actionable processes given to you in ‘bite sized chunks’

Tracey has the unique life experience that has helped her to become one of the world’s top coaches.

Tracey’s proven results from seminars and coaching represent a rare opportunity to work on you, and Tracey takes on only 15 personal elite coaching clients a year to give you the best quality of attention possible.

Tracey is committed to her clients and therefore has strict limitations on the number of people she takes on board. However, you may wish to involve your spouse, your immediate family or your core team in your coaching at no extra cost.

Coaching Format

Coaching sessions take place on a weekly basis in the form of phone calls, emails or face to face meetings. There is no agreed advance format as Tracey will tailor the programme to suit your needs as she gets to know you

These sessions are available at an agreed time for the year long period and are scheduled in advance each month. You will have access to Tracey 24 hours a day 7 days a week and during this time you will have FREE access to any events, retreats or webinars that she runs

After making your decision to change your life, the program will commence with an initial meeting, where Tracey will come to you (within UK) to discuss your outcomes and required results. During the first session you will cover the following topics:

  • Your goals, aspirations and dreams from the coaching program. Quantum goal setting to dramatically increase results

Tracey is based in London and will travel to anywhere in the UK. If you live abroad, the first session can be via Skype or Tracey can travel to you City (travel time and expenses extra)

Your investment and commitment to your goal: ‘Life at the next level’

12 months elite ‘one-to-one’ coaching programme includes:

  • Weekly face to face ( 4 sessions a month) £350 per session
  • Weekly Skype coaching (4 sessions in a month) £120 per session

Payment options

Whether choosing face-to-face coaching or telephone coaching, the coaching contract states that 3 months must be paid in advance.

If 6 months coaching is paid in advance a FREE personality profile worth £150 will be included.

If 12 months is paid in advance a FREE place at Tracey’s landmark seminar ‘The 6 Distinctions of Highly Successful Women’ will be included worth £1250 plus access to all on-line resources worth £450

Otherwise normal optional extra’s are as follows:

  • Geier personality profile with 28 page report £150
  • 21 day email support coaching input to get you going £75
  • Tracey’s flagship seminar The 6 Distinctions of Highly Successful Women £1750
  • Access to any on-line tools, resources or events £450

International clients are welcome, Phone calls, flights and accommodation where necessary are not included. Prices are excluding VAT.

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An Inspirational Coach

Thank you for a very engaging and enlightening two days. You are a real inspiration to all of us. Keep spreading the message!

Katie Ledger, Former TV new presenter

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