The F Word Video

Welcome to The F Word Digital Seminar. Your first video should be ready to view very shortly but they are big files so do give it time to buffer.

These videos have been configured for your laptop, iPad or iPhone. Please watch them as many times as you can to embed the core messages.

Take notes, practice the techniques and don’t underestimate the importance of this work. In these videos are the keys to your ultimate success.

Part 1

  • What is fear?
  • The unconscious saboteur
  • Mind control and how to do it
  • How quickly your mind is programmed
  • Identify the area (fear) you want to work on
  • Why people yoyo with their weight

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Part 2

  • How spiritual values can be your backbone
  • How not to appear American
  • Managing your state
  • The importance of changing your physiology
  • How I overcame my debilitating fear of public speaking
  • 3 goal GETTING tools

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Part 3

  • Mind, body and soul
  • Technique for listening to the still, small, quiet voice
  • How to get into a peak state
  • Why words account for so little
  • The very powerful TRIAD
  • Why I nearly pretended not to be me
  • Powerful and exciting finale…board breaks

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