Time Management

Behind every great performance there is a leader who had a dream and then produced a step by step process for getting there. Take control of your future now!

Research shows that when men and women are working full time, the woman still does three to five times more housework and childcare than the men. Also, many women find that as their career develops their home life becomes more complicated with teenagers or elderly parents to care for.

There always seem to be too many plates spinning at once and younger mothers can be overwhelmed with the new responsibility of serious commitments at home as well as work.

However, there are solutions!

Introducing The “Grab Your Future by the Horns” Time Management Programme

How do you manage multiple priorities? How do you keep the plates spinning – career, kids, intimate relationship, health and fitness, family and friends, long term goals, finances, emotional and spiritual development? If you are exhausted just thinking about it then we might just have the answer for you! Using the right strategies and techniques is vital. If you do this you can also reach your long term goals and dreams.

Just half an hour a day to work towards something that your heart truly desires can be the difference between feelings of overwhelm and feelings of accomplishment and contentment.

Feeling content will impact all of your relationships and your long term success. This unique, live, audio seminar can be taken at your desk and in just 90 minutes you will learn the strategies that have worked for 1,000’s of successful women.

I am writing to thank you for your time management exclusive webinar. I was feeling swamped and unfulfilled. I was confused as I didn’t know in what way I was unfulfilled as I have a very happy and comfortable home life. By using your wheel of life tool I see at a glance, that there were gaps and issues in my life.

Whilst my home and family life was great it was clear that my learning, growing and career areas were lacking. Once I saw the issues staring me in the face, I decided immediately that I needed to make some changes. In the past few weeks I have made changed to my job, and my working hours, I have been talking to people about volunteer opportunities and have just signed up for an Open University Degree with a creative writing pathway.

My big dream is to be a novelist. Being a working mother and wife can sometimes mean you lose focus on your own dreams and goals and I saw this immediately with your help. I now feel that I have recaptured my dreams and I’m back on track. I am so pleased that I looked at your website and will certainly recommend it to others.

Thank you so much Suzanne Hodgson-Cox

When you order the Grab Your Future by the Horns exclusive webinar you will receive:

A jam-packed 90 minutes of action coaching that will take you from identifying a dream to creating a plan for achieving it. You will have in your hands all the main content from a live Telepresence session that I ran for the women’s European network at Cisco. You will also enjoy all the atmosphere and fun because it is like being right there in the room because as well as hearing the audio you will actually see the power-point slides that we used on the day.

When would now be a good time to create a compelling future?

Make You Happy

I want to offer your peace of mind and so if you aren’t 100% happy with your purchase then just contact the team to let them know why within 14 days of purchase. I will give you a full refund and that’s MY promise.

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