Dave Rogers

Dave Rogers

Dave Rogers is a visionary business coach, keynote speaker and a leading voice in the fields of social entrepreneurship and personal development.

Born in Canada, Dave shifted to Japan in his twenties to work for the largest Canadian bank in the risk management and corporate banking division.  In his thirties Dave built and managed a billion dollar bond portfolio in Hong Kong for a leading European financial institution. He retired from the financial industry at age 37,  and “shifted” his focus, attention, and vision to building and mentoring social enterprises and coaching thousands of inspired entrepreneurs to apply practical business methodologies that are aligned and guided by their higher sense of being and purpose.

Dave is regarded as “Asia’s Leading Entrepreneur Coach” and is one of Asia’s most sought after keynote speakers with engagements all over Asia Pacific. Since 2011, Dave has spoken in over fifteen cities including ten countries on four continents to over 5,000 people.

What will I learn on Re-Think Sales?

  • Re-program your mind for great sales success
  • Discover new and empowering strategies that utilize the power of positive thinking in sales
  • Utilize the STRATEGIC TRIAD that has propelled leading publicly listed companies to new record highs in terms of revenue, profitability and stock price.