Authentic Living (Leadership)


Being authentic is the key to your abundant success. Here is some executive coaching for women leaders (based on 10 years research)

Authentic Non-authentic
Speaks her truth Keeps quiet to keep the peace
Looks for opportunities to shine Keeps head down and gets on with her work
Works towards an exciting vision Works for money
Takes care of herself emotionally, physically and mentally Suffers with high stress levels
Tries to listen and understand Judges and criticises people and takes a fixed position
Makes a decision from her center Doesn’t know the different between her centre and her head
Sits with a challenge until the process brings peace Reacts to a external stressors and is sometimes embarrassed about outbursts
Manages time (families/partners and work) in a structured way Never has enough time and never knows what’s important
Lives and leads by her values Doesn’t really know what her values are
Makes decisions based on values Easily influenced by others opinions
Feels certain most of the time Feels uncertain most of the time
Knows how to manage fear Lets fear stop her

Mastery = taking responsibility for your life rather than reacting to the illusion.

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