Do it like a woman

You have probably heard people saying that if Lehman Brothers had been Lehman Sisters …..well, you know the rest.

Here is a woman who says it might be true and is doing it herself to prove the point. Renee Haugerud runs a billion dollar hedge fund that she started from scratch. Watch the video to find out how she overcame being excluded from the boys club and now teaches how to ‘trade like a woman’

Whilst we are talking about ‘doing it like a woman’ I am so proud of my eldest daughter for doing something similar in teaching a large Telecoms company how to move beyond unconscious bias.  A year ago she went for her first interview and was told that she wouldn’t fit in because the sales guys were big and macho and they didn’t have any other girls. They didn’t think she would make it.

She responded like this… ‘with respect, I wouldn’t sell like a guy but I do believe that I could sell and I would do it in a different way’    For having the courage to say this they gave her a ‘chance’ on a salary just above minimum wage.

My petite, feminine, gentle daughter who was the youngest  in the team last year (19) and still the only white female in the entire business (selling business to business telecoms solutions)  has just been given top sales award in the company.

You GO Jess! We’re proud

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