What is fear? False Evidence Appearing Real

What are you worrying about unnecessarily? What are you projecting into the future and making yourself scared about? We are all facing a time of enormous uncertainty but that isn’t the real problem. Many years ago when I did my Scuba Diving training, off Bondi Beach in Sydney, I was scared….scared of Sharks, scared of Moray Eels, scared of not being able to breath. But the truth is ….I had never been in deep water in my life. In my fearful state I asked my dive instructor what was the cause of most fatal casualties in Diving and he said ‘people panic. It’s not the Shark that kills them but the panic they go into when they see one’

This lesson has stayed with me and is reinforced with every high risk activity that I undertake. Mountaineering and scrambling are another example of how important it is to master your own mind. When I am 3,000ft up in the air on a tiny ledge, the biggest danger to my safety is me and whether or not I can control my mind enough to stay calm enough to take the next step.

Business is a high risk activity. The days of certainty are over and everybody needs to have an entrepeneurial spirit to navigate the rapid changes that surround us. That means having a clear head, a strong sense of direction and leadership and belief not doubt. It is too easy to be hypnotised by the media’s doom and gloom and become stagnant waiting for calm or fighting for things to get back to normal.

Now is the time to take control of your mind and lead not follow. Remember that you will miss a full 100% of the shots that you don’t take.

With passion

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