How to have success….beyond NLP

 Both Tommy and trees enjoying success without effort! 

I have studied and applied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for over a decade. I have been teaching, coaching and supporting the principles of NLP for over two decades. Many of those success strategies fit with what I learned from Psychology and the thousands of personal development books I have read.
But …..
It has become clearer to me, in recent years, that we are running around applying success strategies and yet there appears to be something missing. Why is it that some people can apply what they learn and fly and others can apply the same strategies and remain stuck? Why is it that I have taught the same material to thousands of people and it only seems to work in a big way for around 5% of them?
I feel very strongly about this complex subject and the lack of awareness around the root cause of success/failure that I will write a book on it one day but in this short blog I want to try and get across the importance of  energy. Not your gung-ho, peak state energy (although this is important too sometimes) but the energy from your heart. Some of you will stop reading at this point because you tell me that heart has nothing to do with work and the energy of empathy, compassion and understanding are for outside work and don’t help you deal with deadlines, politics, pressure, poor performance or stress. I have to disagree and here’s why:
NLP principles
Let’s take a look at some of the more familiar strategies
  • Mirroring and matching
  • Align and re-direct
  • Visioning
  • Values and beliefs alignment
  • Thought-word-action-habit-destiny
It is probably the latter that gets close to the concept of energy but imagine this: I have decided I want a promotion or a sale. Step one, I imagine and vision my goal, Step 2, I learn from the best regarding what I don’t yet know, step  3, I make sure that my values and beliefs are congruent, step 4, I get myself into a peak state and approach my client or boss ….and that’s where it can go wrong …at the level of relationship.
We all know how it feels to be sold to by a smooth operator without integrity. Here’s the thing …you might think you have integrity but the energy you project lacks integrity and that’s the message you will convey. Unless your energy is totally toward supporting the other person, rather than getting from the other person, you will most likely lose the sale, lose the promotion, lose the job and yes lose the husband too!
This energy affects every area of your life and, like I said, is too complex for a short blog but I just want to leave you with the idea that if you are not having all the success you want in love, money, career, health then change the energy to that which comes from the heart instead of that which comes from the head. The energy that comes from the heart is 40 to 60 times more power powerful than that which comes from the head
So much of NLP has been about re-programming the mind but forgets the most important part…to remind us to re-programme out hearts too.
If you want to understand more about how energy can transform your life. Watch this short TED video by Dr Sue Mortimer who will explain what happens to you on a cellar level when you shift to the energy of the heart.
I have had some requests to run a Summer retreat on this subject. It is ever more important in the uncertain times we live in that we find an inner centre of core strength. If this interests you please email

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