I am back and ready to SERVE bigger and better

I want to share something with you that might just excite you for a fabulous end to 2015

Sometimes, when I look at my life, it looks like a series of unfortunate events but in the past few days I have had the opportunity to reflect on the ‘why’ mysteries of life and the perfect assembly of all those events into meaning.

I believe that life brings all of us unfortunate events but there are some people who rise strong out of those events. Sadly those people are too few. If only they knew how simple it is to rise strong from seeming catastrophe.

Most of us become jaded or afraid or we tell ourselves that we cant do it. When I was a newly divorced single Mum 15 years I couldn’t even hold a microphone because I was scared of public speaking. I couldn’t even sit in the front row of the audience but preferred to hide out at the back.

I have been reflecting on what made me go to Colorado in 2002 to learn professional speaking from one of the best speakers in the world? What made me stand in front of a group of professional speakers and speak for 1 minute on a stage with a wobbly voice? What gave me the audacity to put proposals for (and win) Leadership Development Global contracts with some of the most prestigious brands in the world? What made my fly all over the world to deliver my seminars? And what made me decide that I could survive one of the most brutal business sabotage attacks in history (as described by many ) And what made me consistently put my three daughters first even with all of this going on ?

This article isn’t about me. Because¬† the ONLY REASON I survived and thrived through all of that and had the courage and the skills to move forward and rise strong every single time is because of my life mentors.

So here it is… for 15 months I have been Masterminding with my mentors and I am still learning and growing just being in their presence and having access to them, their wisdom and their time… it has taken me 15 months but now I am happy announce that I have brought them all together. OMG! Yes I am SO FREAKING EXCITED! that they have agreed to come together to deliver a Global Leadership Summit: 10 Global Leaders, 3 Continents on a Summit starting on the 23rd November 2015.

This isn’t marketing. This is a genuine opportunity for you to have access to some of the wisdom that has shaped my entire life and given me those rare skills and resources that you won’t find anywhere else. I know this for a fact because I have been immersed in personal development all my life and these 10 people are amongst the few that I can still learn from.

I am running a free webinar next Wednesday to share who they are tell you what they will be delivering on the Global Leadership Summit.

You can register here Yes!

Hope to see you there!

Live. Love. Lift