Mindset and Manifesting tools: Number 4

I hope you have been enjoying this glorious weather that we have been having. How have you built flexibility into your daily routine so that you can take full advantage of the long Summer evenings?

Last night at sunset and after dinner, work, washing, cooking I decided to go for a run on our beautiful North Downs at a special place close to heart where I get to breathe deeply, stretch my arms up to the sun or the moon and grin from ear to ear. How wonderful to be able to do this at 10pm at night.

Last night was even more special than usual as my 16 year old daughter came with me and while I ran she sat on a blanket with the dog and her Maths GCSE revision. At the end of my run we all sat on the blanket watching to sun go down listening to Chopin with a shared i-pod. We were alone in a vast area of open space and it was an experience that is what I call ‘soul food’

And …it got even better …as it got dark we walked back to the car and in the car park was a wedding party with bottles of champagne, highland kilts, a full wedding gown and lots of high heels. They were laughing and being merry whilst letting off beautiful Chinese Lanterns into the night sky.

Mindset and manifesting tool number 4 is ..have a flexible approach to all of life

How have you built flexibility into your schedule so that you feel fully alive?

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