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Fearless Leadership… why lead?

Public Speaking Topics from Tracey CarrWelcome to the new economy, where there’s no choice but to take control of your own career and your own success. The research shows that women have generally been known to be less interested in profile raising then men. They prefer to keep their head down, do a good job and expect that somebody will take note.  However, it’s never been more important for women to act in an entrepreneurial way and with assertiveness.  Gone are the days of job security and single career tracks. Tracey shares her insights and research on women in leadership, common traits and mistakes, Gender IQ and inspiration, and advice on designing and living the success you want despite the economy.

A walk on the wild side

It is said that you must do something that scares you every day to grow outside of your comfort zone and develop into a powerful leader. Until you experience hunger, pain, humiliation, tears and take a close look at your soul how do you know what you are capable of?  If that is the criteria… Tracey had her test in the Africa bush on an overland expedition in an army truck. The journey across 5 East African countries took 6 weeks and was the biggest stretch of her life. Tracey will make your audience laugh at the stories of a manicured London girl joining a group of  intrepid explorers and make them gasp at stories of how she found herself alone and lost in the bush at night.

Tracey draws on the leadership lessons of facing  the truth about herself in the jungle. She found what I was looking for… her soul.

From Housewife to Business Woman: How Life Changing Events Can Transform Your Life

Tracey Carr started her business with nothing in the bank, three children under 10, newly divorced and she hadn’t worked for 10 years. She was living the good life until it all fell apart and she had to rent a house with the children under her arm and had to start again.  Her decade long journey as a business woman and single parent to three daughters, taught her many lessons about self-responsibility, self leadership, fear control and ‘juggle not struggle’  Her inspiring message of stepping up for yourself while also juggling a successful home life will leave your audience refreshed and inspired.

Reinventing Business for and by Women

There are many changes taking place in the world of business, not least of which is the topic of women in business. The old way of doing business isn’t working anymore. The world is transforming from the masculine back to the feminine. From hierarchy to collaboration. Tracey has a body of research and numerous case studies on how women have been impacting business as consumers, entrepenuers and in the board room.

Tracey shares the 7 shocking trends that are paving the way for the re-emergence of the feminine in corporate life, in small businesses and as consumers.

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