Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams

Its almost 10 days into 2014. How are you doing against your January target?


….in today’s world people are so busy busy busy! We rush around with the story in our heads ‘I haven’t got time’ We are driven by beliefs that there is never enough time to get everything done and we jump from one activity to another and we are never very effective. The truth is we are part of the problem.  How about making 2014 the year that you become part of the solution? GOYA ..get off your ***!

Step 2 on having your Best Year Ever is to put that plan into action.

However, first of all pat yourself on the back. You have already gone further than 99% of people – you have set down your intentions! Well done for logging in and creating a beautiful certificate that is a true and lasting record of your intention for this year. Have you stuck it on your wall now?

‘Without a goal, how can you score?’

Setting goals is important and so is visualisaton. Hopefully by now you will also have had the opportunity to create your vision boards in My Best Year Ever. I have placed below a screenshot of two of my images for my vision board. You can of course, upload images for all of the spokes on your wheel and create your Roles of Excellence as visual anchors – make it fun (do you like my image for health) 😉

When you look at my image, remember that I have edited my own coaching room in MBYE for myself and my team, so it includes sales, marketing and product development (hence below you can see marketing) but your standard logins aren’t business orientated unless you request the tailoring option.

The next exciting activity is to chunk that big dream into quarterly milestones.

Well done for staying with me this far – taking responsibility for our lives is something most people never achieve and many others never aspire to do this. They are too busy creating excuses and stories for why life is the way it is or why things don’t work out for them.

Just because nothing has worked before, it doesn’t mean nothing ever will.

Non-responsibility focuses on the external i.e. looking for a scapegoat or playing out a ‘story’. That’s not you is it? Personal responsibility, on the other hand, is inward focused and begins by asking yourself questions like these –

‘Am I able to respond here?’

‘There is always a way. What can I do to get from here to my dreams?’

Tracey Vision Board

Create a new story for 2014
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My Best Year Ever

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If you would like to talk to us about editing and tailoring My Best Year Ever for your business or large organisation then please visit our main website by clicking the image above.

I encourage you to use the help button. Your coaching questions will come direct to me and I will be holding live webinars from next month. This will give you time to complete your vision boards and quarterly milestones.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Having a Best Year Ever plan is one of the most empowering tools we have to live out our commitment to personal responsibility and tracking that plan, as part of our commitment, is the best way to change the world one person, one habit, one goal and one day at a time.

To complete your quarterly milestone tab you will see that the system has already imported your 3 Super Goals for the year. Now all you have to do is think in chunks of 4: What 4 chunks will create the overall goals? …and then commit to achieving one of those chunks for each goal this quarter. (you can do this on paper if yo u prefer. Just make sure you do it!)

Getting results from the system starts here: Look at your goals first thing every day – your Plan (certificate) your vision boards and now your quarterly milestones. Identify exactly what you are going to do every day to make real progress.

Starting this habit now will lead to becoming even more conscious of the difference between just being busy and getting real results.

Thank you so much for all your wonderful feedback. It truly makes the last two years of hard work worth it!

‘Just completed My Plan and the system is absolutely fantastic. Thank you!’ – Erika Brodnock, CEO and Founder Karizma Kidz

‘Whenever I log into Dump Chunk Do in My Best Year Ever it takes the world off my shoulders. The coaching workshop helped and supported me in setting my goals and now in Track My Plan I am tracking my goals on a regular basis. Keeping a record of my activity and what I have achieved and also dumping all my task lists from paper and Outlook and social media into one place is so powerful literally gives me peace of mind’ – Peter Coleman, Lloyds

‘With this system, I am able to consolidate all of my lists, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals in one place. For someone who needs to or wants to manage their time, it’s invaluable. I don’t forget anything as I can record my thoughts and “to do” tasks as they come to mind and am able to stay on track with all of my objectives, because the information I need is at my finger tips. Ask anyone who is successful in business what one of their top attributes is and they will all say the same, 100% laser focus. This is what MBYE gives me. I would highly recommend this software to anyone who wants to get organised, stay organised and remain on track to achieve their Best Year Ever’ – Mandy Collins, Entrepreneur

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My Best Year Ever

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