This is a human issue not a gender diversity token issue

I have recently been doing research for my new book and have been shocked and delighted to discover that much of what we always knew to be true (intuitively) has, in recent years, been verified by Scientists as Biological differences. I am talking, of course, about the differences between men and women. We have joked about men’s ability to ‘focus’ and women’s ability to ‘multi-task’ but did you know that babies have a female brain for the fist 8 weeks of life? Did you know that the boy gets doused with testosterone at 8 weeks and then the communication centres shrink and the sexual centre grows to double its original size?

These new findings are only possible because of advances in technology such as MRI scanning and PET scans. We know that women’s brains are wired and connected in a way that a man’s isn’t. We know that men’s brains shut down multiple times during the day but a woman’s stays alert even when she is resting.

What is fascinating is that the corporate world doesn’t see this as a commercial opportunity. If you can have a mixed team where people can read emotions and think laterally combined with others who can remain on task at the exclusion of all else……is that better than the monoculture we perpetuate where, generally, only women who are at the male end of the spectrum get senior posts?

We know it’s better because Deloitte (who have been running Gender IQ™ training for decade) report savings of $190 million dollars in decreased turnover alone.

What are you doing to provide your team with Gender IQ™?

Watch this video, it will make you laugh and educate you too. Oh and don’t forget to pass it on!

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