Women Leaders it’s time to step up!

Last week I promised some coaching tips on how to achieve work/life balance. However, the Tiger in me is desperate to speak this week……

I have been working with corporations for 8 years on helping to address senior female representation, with passion! I also know that a lot of other diversity professionals have put their whole heart and soul into this work too. There were many times through those years when, behind closed doors, we would lament that too many organisations were simply paying lip service to Gender Diversity. It seemed that the only thing that really mattered was short term profit and immediate gain.

Last week, it was shocking for the whole country to learn that HBOS had ignored warnings from the FSA. What hope then, did we ever have of opening the eyes of certain executives to the blind spots that have thus far prevented true democracy? When I heard the news about HBOS and the FSA I felt that many years worth of effort had been wasted in some areas. Wasted because a ‘nice to have’ like women in leadership could not have been on the strategic radar if the FSA couldnt even get a look in.

That was then and this is now. The above realisation just made me more determined to be more vocal. It is logical and it makes sense to have women on the board and women leaders in all areas. This mess was made by men. Now let the women have their say

What are you personally doing to step up and lead? How are you thinking bigger? What steps are you taking to learn everything you can about how to progress as quickly as you can to take your position as a female leader? Please come on my 2 day event for women leaders to find out the strategies that successful women and men use all over the planet. It’s not rocket science but without it you don’t have the unwritten rules of the game of success. http://www.eve-olution.net/services/seminars.asp It’s on March 19/20th in Central London. First person to register gets a half price place!

It has been a great pleasure, recently to work with Lloyds TSB and easy to understand why they have achieved so much with getting women into senior positions. I have heard them called the ‘boring Bank’ Can somebody please explain to me what is boring about being responsible? …..interpret that as response-able

Make today a Masterpiece!

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