Your 6 Distinctions Journey Starts Here!


Welcome and congratulations for making a decision to embark upon this amazing journey!

You are now only a few days away from participating in a rich multi-media experience which is a direct, unedited live version of my landmark seminar Authentic Leadership (The Six Distinctions of Highly Successful Women) We are going to give you some strategies that will dramatically improve the quality of your life, both personally and professionally. We can say this with confidence, because we have had feedback of extraordinary success and results since we started in 2001. The main contributing factor to this success is the other women that you bond with as you listen to their tips for success, challenges and aspirations during the course of this experience.

Where else could you gain access to the stories, triumphs and inner challenges that such amazingly successful women face?

You will find here the pre-course homework for you to complete at your leisure any time before your next download which will come in two weeks time. This consists of

A Blueprint Questionnaire which will help you begin to unpack your most unconscious beliefs and drivers

Click here to download the file to your computer

A Career Development Plan which will help you to structure your career if you are working in the corporate world

Click here to download the file to your computer

A Harvard Business Review article to get you thinking called ‘Nice Girls Don’t Ask’

Click here to download the file to your computer

Your workbook which is a direct copy of the one that the women used on this live audio

Click here to download the file to your computer


The Power Point slides which are a direct copy of the slides we used at the event

Click here to download the file to your computer

You are going to get a lot more out of this experience if you participate as though you were actually there at the seminar with us. So please take the time to complete the Blueprint Questionnaire so that we can being the work of designing your life and the Career Guide if you are in the corporate world.

As the experience unfolds you will discover that we are going to be doing some deep internal research and, generally, we aren’t used to thinking that way. Completing the Blueprint questions will give your right brain (the creative and non-logical side) some muscle building practice!

We will be using the pre-reading for an exercise and so please do read the article as well so that you get the results that you want out of your investment.

We are going to send you Distinction Number 1 in two weeks time so you have plenty of time to do you preparation. Don’t underestimate the importance of doing this work as we are working on unconscious drivers and you can’t work that out with your mind! It has to be uncovered by stealth!

Get ready for your next download of audio from the seminar and make sure that you Power Point slides are saved on your PC and the workbook is printed and ready to use.

Meanwhile, have a play with this to see what sex your brain is

Enjoy the journey. Relax. Keep smiling until the next time and LIVE WITH PASSION!





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