Your questions on fear

I had quite a few questions regarding last weeks tip. Questions are good – keep them coming and please do feel free to start any conversation that takes your fancy on the Blog. I would be delighted to participate!

Some of you emailed me following my thoughts on fear last week and asked ‘isn’t fear a good thing? and especially in our current environment isn’t it irresponsible to be encouraging a proceed at all costs mentality?’

As in all things, be discerning! The absence of fear is not confidence, it is brain damage. If you are in a very dangerous situation then your reptilian brain will tell you to run. This kind of fear is normal and healthy. At the other extreme we may have such an irrational fear about public speaking that it is limiting our career progression.

Be honest with yourself? What are your irrational fears? Who do you need to speak to before the week closes? What decision do you need to make that you have been putting off?

Until next week, Live with Passion!

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