Michelle Brailsford

Michelle Brailsford

Michelle is an international speaker on Change, the Future of Work and Balanced Gender Leadership. She has been a speaker at multiple professional development events including Richmond Event’s Human Resource Forum, the Strategic HR Network’s 10th Annual Congress, Open Forum Event’s Change Management: Blueprint for Better, Women International Networking (WIN), PWN-Global (Professional Women’s Network). She has presented at many internal women’s networking events hosted by well-known organisations including BAE Systems, Deloitte, Societe Generale and Mercer Consulting.

She has a Master’s degree in Organizational Behaviour from Johns Hopkins University; her Bachelor’s degree is from the University of Maryland. She is a CAPP (Centre for Application of Positive Psychology) certified Strengths-based coach. An affiliate of the Institute of Authentic Leadership. And on the Advisory Board of PWN-Global (Professional Women’s Network).

What will I learn on Strengths-based Development ?

There is more to be gained by building on your existing strengths than on trying to make good your weaknesses.

In Michelle’ webinar, she’ll share:

  • How to recognise strengths and become a strengths spotter
  • Why our society focuses more on gaps and ‘fixing’ weaknesses and why this doesn’t work!
  • How to apply strengths every day and be in ‘the flow’ more frequently
  • How to develop unrealised strengths and maximise their power
  • How to minimise the impact of weaknesses
  • How to moderate the energy used on learned behaviours

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