Mike Handcock

  • Mike has written thirteen books on business and personal development including best sellers and an Amazon #3
  • Mike is a musician with eleven albums to his credit and has produced and written for Radio & TV
  • Mike was voted one of the top 10 coaches in Asia
  • Mike’s background was in senior management of one of New Zealand’s leading corporates
  • He has been nominated for three Extraordinary Lives awards
  • He has produced a television show and is the producer and director of Dreamcatchers – an 82min feature film launched in 2010, with his second movie The Reluctant Heroes in pre production
  • He has been mentioned by President Bill Clinton for his philanthropic work and is a seeker of ancient wisdom who can be found climbing through dusty pyramids or researching the secrets of the past diligently

What will I learn on Ancient Wisdom for Accelerated Business Success ?

You think you are doing it right. You have a good product, great web site, all the training in the world and you have been successful before… but it’s just not working and you don’t know why. The answer is most likely an undercurrent. This is like the ocean. It looks good on top but it’s wild beneath. Your customers are picking up somethings not right. Maybe they know you are hungry for a sale, or that you have lost faith in your number one seller, or that you feel someone else may be doing it better than you. It’s tough, but it happens everyday around the world. How do you fix it?

Mystery creates money. When you go to the doctor and they give you that long latin name for your ailment, you will spend almost anything to cure it. When you want to do a development and the council lay out 28 procedures you will hire everyone to help you. There is money is mysteries and when you understand how to put a cloud of mystery around the pleasure or pain that your clients come to you with, you will make a lot more money.

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