All speed ahead now for the first event of the Gender IQ programme – on 15th October we kick off with a freebie video event entitled There’s No Crying in Business (you can register online to attend, and all attendees will earn a discount off their first booking). Since announcing the event I have found this is a subject that makes a lot of people uneasy. In truth I am not surprised – but it is interesting to try to understand why this is. Why are we uncomfortable with obvious emotions? And why are women more prone to cry than men? All questions I will bring you answers to in the event on the 15th of course!

I borrowed the title of the event from an article by Stanley Bing in Fortune Magazine. It is well worth a read as it highlights some of the difficulties women and men face when working together in business. Take a look – and please do comment and let me know what you think. And I hope to meet with many of you in the virtual world at the free event next week. Register here!

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