Life is busy busy for me at the moment and I am learning a great deal about what makes me tick, what excites me, what motivates me, what sustains me…and the flip side of the coin..what robs my energy, what demotivates me and what floors me! It is my belief that, at times of high intensity, all of our behaviours become exaggerated and are put under the magnifying glass!

I was reminded of who I am by Julie Meyer at a small gathering last week organised by the wonderful networking group WiTT http://www.wittgroup.org/ which was  held at Coutts Bank in the Strand

Julie Meyer is one of the leading champions for entrepreneurship in Europe. She is the well known founder and CEO of Ariadne Capital, founder of Entrepreneur Country, co-founder of First Tuesday, dragon on BBC’s Online Dragons Den and weekly columnist in London’s City A.M. She also earned awards as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, World Economic Forum Global Leader of Tomorrow and a place in the Wall Street Journal’s Top 30 Most Influential Women in Europe.

Phew! Are you tired just reading it?

I go to a lot of events and hear a lot of key note speakers and so I was intrigued when I entered the room but what I didn’t expect was to leave in tears! Julie spoke passionately and eloquently about the life of an entrepreneur and what makes them tick. She is the only person I have ever heard speak on entrepreneurship who really seemed to know the song in my heart and was able to sing it back to me.

Leading can be a lonely path. Mixing with others who are like you (networking) is vital. Do you network? Where do you network? Do you  have a strategy? As women we can easily say we ‘dont have time’ …I suggest to you that you MUST! One of the best places for women to form bonds and networks is on our Authentic Leadership seminar held at the beautiful Lythe Hill Spa  http://www.eve-olution.net/services/seminars.asp   Please join us in September if you want to be part of this fantastic supportive environment

My 15 year old daughter was networking last week too. Thanks to Linda Kennedy, Head of People at Orange, Grace was privileged to get a weeks work experience at Orange and she loved it! They gave her a fantastic work experience and she was offered four more opportunities by the end of the week. A big thanks to Orange!

The message this week is about the importance of getting yourself out there….watch this space, I have something brewing!

With passion!

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