‘Adapt or die’

Times are changing rapidly

How quickly can you and do you adapt to change?

I just read an interesting report that shows an increase in confidence regarding the economy but a worrying decrease in confidence across all aspects of leadership, especially in HR!

Here are the bullets:


  • In the economic climate increased to 55 percent from 40 percent;
  • In their leadership teams overall decreased to 72 percent from 82 percent;

  • That their firms have the right people and skills decreased to 64 percent from 73 percent;

  • Their organizations have the ability to execute on vision decreased to 64 percent from 73 percent;

  • That their firms have the ability to change as needed decreased to 55 percent from 60 percent;

  • Their own personal leadership and management skills decreased slightly to 88 percent from 91 percent; and

  • In the organization’s strategy making process decreased to 54 percent from 63 percent

You can read about this research here

HR confidence sliding

The ability to change is a key personal and organisational skill and I have written about this before. In fact, it was one of the key topics at the last Authentic Leadership seminar that I ran. My personal take is this – life will never be the same again and change is now a constant.

If you find change hard and are tied to old working paradigms and old change management methods then it might be time to re-evaluate. You have a software programme in your mind that has the potential to keep you in the past unless you know what you need to do to change it.

Change is easy with the right tools.

And on that note I too decided that today was the day for me to write (sorry draw)  a new goal plan for the next two years. The last one I did was in 2001 and I achieved everything on the goal map despite very difficult circumstances. If you have been on my seminar you will have seen my goal map and know that when I drew it I had a chronic fear of speaking in public.

I had to change.

I also see the seeds of change beginning to sprout new leaves out there ….for the first time ever (in 10 years)  my next seminar is mostly booked up by people who have paid for themselves to attend. People who recognise that they are now in a time when they need to take responsibility for themselves. You too can book here 

Every single successful person that I know – without exception – has spent tens of thousands on their own personal development.  I personally am heartened to see that people are acting for themselves. Nothing will have a more dramatic effect on your life than moving from passive to engaged in your own development.

Here’s a quick 30 second fun video that I made called seminar memories. Join us in September….if the seminar doesn’t do what I promise (dramatically increase the quality of your life) I will give you your money back.

seminar memories

Don’t worry if you can’t join us in September I will do my best to give you whatever I can via the blog and through new media products which will be out soon.

Above all – live with passion!
p.s. Darwin said ‘adapt or die’ …it seems relevant for today

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