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Incorporating the latest assertive leadership technologies, this talk will provide you with success strategies to significantly enhance your leadership capabilities and your business success. See what it can do for you!

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I am on a MISSION. And Ladies, I need YOUR help. The reason why men feature as leaders so often is because they are giving value and ASKING (I mean being pro-active). And, sorry to say it ladies, but most women are afraid to ask for money, promotion and even afraid to raise concerns. You can’t blame the men. Or even the Organisations. (They’re LOOKING FOR WOMEN who can be Assertive Female Leaders but the sad truth is there aren’t that many women out there who have taken the time to master their personal power.)

Here’s what you’ll learn by investing 50 minutes of your lunch break: The 6 Distinctions of Highly Successful Women and why women often don’t succeed (Don’t shoot the messenger! I’m just telling you what I’ve learned in the past decade from 1000’s of women and hundreds of companies).

How Assertive Leadership gives you a HUGE advantage once you stop being afraid to assert you power or, stop being aggressive like a man Both of these unconscious strategies will kill off your career and your reputation if you don’t take control of them right now. Simple strategies to make yourself ooze personal power and charisma!

Learn the secrets that have worked for C level women all over the world very personal inner strategies that I use that gives me (and my clients who’ve tried it) the confidence to play BIG (trust me, you need all the inner strength and power you can get to play with A players) The #1 thing you MUST consider every day and in every situation. This one point is the absolute key to your success – bar none! My number 1 secret for going beyond fear – how people can instantly sniff out if you’re really ready for the next step If you’ve ever been on one of my free webinars, you know they are content-rich and loaded with the EXACT strategies I use and tons of “how to’s” you can implement immediately.

With Passion.

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P.S: Feel free to invite friends and colleagues to this call, but please remember to download your webinar first!

P.P.S: Here is what a recent attendee wrote after watching our on-line videos on managing FEAR.

Have just finished watching these videos and wanted to say that I loved the way you used your real life experiences, stories that you told. Explaining in a simple and clear way how you turned your life around. There was one particular story that would make anyone freeze with fear and that was a turning point for me. You showed people what to do in those situations and that in my opinion is the true magic of a peak performer that you are!!! Thank you so much Tracey!!
Ana Capone

Tracey Carr, Founder Mi Purpose, is an expert on Gender Differences and their impact on careers.

Tracey Carr Speaker assertive leadershipAbout Tracey Carr…

Tracey Carr is an exceptional entrepreneur who has developed a global brand and has coached thousands of men and women around the world. In addition to being founder of Mi Purpose she has worked with hundreds of FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies who are keen to advance women in enterprise.

Tracey has a background in psychology and is an accredited Executive Coach and Professional Speaker and an advisor to Government on women’s enterprise. She is currently writing a book with Dr Shelagh Courtney-Smith on Gender Diversity, Women at Work in the 21st Century – A Guide to Sex Power and Politics.

“Tracey Carr’s fresh and bold insights and passion for this issue are guaranteed to help you look at an old problem in a new way. Tracey’s approach to helping individuals and the organisations they work for optimise the value of diverse teams helps improve the confidence and performance of women in their professional and personal lives.”
Clive Pinder, CEO of vielife/A CIGNA Company.

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