Leading amongst car crashes

This blog will be a little philosophical….no don’t go away, there is an important lesson here for me and maybe for some of you too!

If you are following me on Face book you will know that, on Saturday, I had a fit of spontaneity …the sun was shining and the Sea was calling, so rubber hit road and off we went to Brighton!

However, it turned out to be a remarkable journey because almost every 5 miles there was a car crash. Crashes appeared to be happening for no apparent reason…no ice, no rain, no snow…just random and spontaneous events. If you believe in energy cycles you would put it down to the waxing and/or waning of the moon.

Then, today, I heard that one of my best and oldest friends had been involved in a serious car accident and so I went to see her. The experience of seeing an old friend in shock and pain left me shocked too …the sort of shock that makes you re-evaluate and celebrate your life and hug your kids.

Before seeing my friend this morning I had done two hours planning. If you attended my web presentation last week – Grab Your Future by the Horns – you will know that I am a firm believer in planning and staying focused. My plan had been to do 4 hours work before Monday morning. BUT …the ‘shock’ of my friends crash was threatening to eclipse all plans.

I had an interesting conversation with my inner voice that went something like this ‘sod the work…friends and family are all that matter, work isn’t important’ but ‘work is important …there are people who like to read my blog’ and then ‘so, I dont care, I don’t want to do it, I want a glass of wine instead and to carry on feeling sad and shocked’

But then I remembered what I had told the delegates in the web conference last week ..’if I get into every’ …wait for it, these were my exact words ’emotional car crash with those I love (especially with 3 teenagers), I will never move ahead.’

So it was with reticence (and a glass of wine) that I sat down to write this blog. I hope that by doing so it has helped you too, to remain on track, ….even when the emotional car crashes are frequent.

My work has been a gift this evening. A poem from ‘Guramayi’ springs to mind:

I held a moment in my hand,
brilliant as a star,
fragile as a flower,
a tiny sliver of one hour.
I dripped it carelessly,
Oh God, I knew not, I held opportunity

And remember that the emotional car crashes will be more frequent for the female brain because of the way it is wired!

With passion!

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