New Year Weekly Coaching Tips

This is the first week of our brand new initiative to give something back to you in 2009: weekly coaching tips from me via this blog.
I am really excited about this opportunity and look forward to sharing my thoughts on how you can make 2009 a great year despite the downturn. Now is a great opportunity to show that you are a leader and to decide to be part of the solution for a better world. It is those with character who will now shine, those with integrity. Indifference will be shunned in the new world and your skills as female leaders who are more risk averse will be celebrated.

There are over 4000 of you who receive our monthly updates and I believe we have an opportunity to make some radical shifts together. But if you aren’t signed up for the blog you won’t get the regular coaching tips! So please go straight to the subscribe box and simply fill in your email address to subscribe if you haven’t already!

Please also pass this opportunity onto your friends and colleagues and share this article with them at the same time: ‘An Economic Crash Women Might Have Helped Avert’ (

Remember this and take responsibility for spreading this message: If three women heed the message and they tell three other women, there would be nine. If each of them passed the message along to three of their friends, there would be twenty seven. If each of these twenty seven passed the message to three of their friends, there would be eighty one. If these eighty one women talked to three others, in just 4 steps there would be 243. In nineteen steps – three to the 19th power – this idea would reach over a billion women (1,162,261,467). This is how geometrical progression works. This is how a virus spreads. This is how a call could bring together women in Cities, in corporations, in governing bodies everywhere to work together for a fairer and more sustainable world.

Let’s make 2009 really count!

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