Parenting teenagers

As we race into the new year, one of the things that strikes me is this ….if your children are unhappy or your family life is dysfunctional you will not reach your potential this year or even your goals.

One of the hardest times for parents is the turbulent teenage years. It is critical  that you are aligned as a family, in other words, if you teenagers are causing the family to have a metaphorical car crash once a week – how can you concentrate on your future dreams and aspirations? Survival then becomes the order of the day and excitement and happiness can be lost for many years without constant effort on your part (yep, sorry it is all down to you)

For all of these reasons I have created a new free resource called ‘Parenting Teenagers’ and you can  join the group here for daily tips and inspiration and support. You can also post questions or comments or tips.

If this isn’t for you then please pass this onto somebody else as it is a much needed FREE resource.

I believe I have the experience to help parents get the most out of this period. I have been a single parent for 10 years and have three teenage daughters who are also commenting in the group with their perspective. During this time I have also been running a business and I personally believe that raising teenagers is one of the most challenging and demanding times of our lives.

Perhaps we should ignore the moods and hope they go away? It’s a strategy if you haven’t got time for quality parenting but my only philosophy is always to begin with the end in mind.

What does your relationship with your son or daughter look like in 10 years time and how are you going to get there?

Happy New Year and happy parenting

p.s. here is today’s tip from the group:
Tip: Teenagers have hormones which, sometimes, make them sad or unpredictable or even angry and frustrated and it can seem like they have lost their sense of reason and proportion. Self esteem can be low. This is YOUR chance to STEP UP and give great support, coaching, advice first to understand and then to be understood. Align and then re-direct. Do something pro-active and positive. Get them to think about their dreams and create goal maps. Re-connect them to possibility. GO!

parenting teenagers

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