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Fearless Leadership Films

Three professionally recorded films of a live event. Guess what 5,000 senior women leaders told me they wanted help with the most?

Yes, FEAR!

Fear and insecurity will stop you from getting your dream job, lead you to procrastination, give you feelings of over-whelm and lack or even depression. Fear will stop you from getting what you want in your relationship, in your career, from having the money you deserve and from living a fun and fulfilled life. If any of this rings true for you I am happy to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way!

Now, for the first time EVER, you can immerse yourself in the F Word (Fearless Leadership) content – all from the comfort of your own home. This Deluxe digital video will give you the insights that will help you turn fear into power.

I am making available the entire professional film of this exclusive 1 day event for £37 – less than the price of a good lunch.

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Success Shop Fearless Leadership

6 Distinctions of Highly Successful Women

Live recording multi-media kit of Tracey’s world famous seminar

For the first time ever you will hear what highly successful women really say behind closed doors. This is a 6 part media kit bundle of of audio MP3, Power Point, 120 Page workbook, career guide, supplementary videos and much more. It was recorded live at Tracey’s flagship seminar The 6 Distinctions of Highly Successful Women – with live commentary from executive women in business with real life issues. You will be amazed at what they say! We guarantee it will make you laugh out loud!

The women on this recording paid £1750 for two days and until now it has only been in small, intimate private groups that this information has been shared – which is the more advanced strategies to be aware of so you can overcome your own up-levelling challenges.

At first we debated sharing this session publicly, as there is a lot in here that is very personal to Tracey and at times quite emotional as well, as you’ll hear on the audio. But the feedback we received was so encouraging that this information NEEDS to get out there and into the hands of more women (and men) who are serious about success.

So now the opportunity is yours to take!

Tracey is making available the entire recording of this exclusive “closed door” session. Two whole days of success strategies (including the famous funeral exercise) from Tracey and the other women at this exclusive event — for just £137, with the option to pay in easy monthly installments.

You can download the live recording of this seminar INSTANTLY and listen to it on your computer or upload it to your iPod or other mp3 player.

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ALSO you get the complete 120 page workbook, career guide and many articles and links to videos to enhance your experience.

You’re going to LOVE having this product in your success shop tool-kit and being able to listen to it over and over for many years to come.

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Success Shop 6 Distinctions

Time Management

‘As a single Mum my daily mantra is juggle not struggle! I have also been a junkie of personal development for over 3 decades and yet I never found a time management system that worked  for me as a woman so I created my own! Yes, I have developed tools and techniques that work for women and especially women with family. Tools like my proprietary SAW goal setting system that helped me overcome my fear of public speaking and many tools and systems that I use around the home to keep the balls spinning while I gallop ahead with my mission!

This is what somebody said after listening to this live recording ‘Brilliant!!  I’ve actually come away from this transformed. You taught me a lot, some pleasant and affirming, some painful and learning.  I am humbled.  Brilliant!! Thank you.

Bill Murray

And now you can pick up your own 90 minute exclusive webinar called Grab Your Future by the Horns

Success Shop Grab your Future by the Horns

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In the Tracey Carr Success Shop you will find simple and practical tips that will help you to be more successful in business, increase your earnings, gain more free time, and create the extraordinary quality of life you always wanted.

In addition, Tracey has created several dynamic products, programs and seminars based on research – about what you said you wanted – ranging from videos on how to manage fear to business building strategies.

Furthermore my coaching and mentoring programs are unrivaled.  Why not download your FREE report on Authentic Leadership and what it takes to succeed as a woman in business.

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