The Sound of Music

I have been so busy lately and, as we know, being under pressure does not induce our most resourceful state as our primary drivers can become over-extended.. So this morning I reminded myself to breathe and took four minutes out of my daily rush to watch this – 200 dancers achieved this with just 2 rehearsals. Awesome!

Watching the video changed my state from ‘hurry up’ to ‘relax’ because it made me smile and it took 4 minutes of my time. Well, actually it is going to take 20 minutes of my time because it prompted me to want to share the lesson with you and I am now writing a blog instead of doing something else.

Which brings me to another exciting piece of news. We are in the process of bringing you some tools for managing time. Yawn, I can hear you… However, I don’t believe that any time management planner or system that I have ever seen works for women. Why? Because they are designed by men and men don’t , generally, take responsibility for a sucessful home-life as well as the success of the company. The system and tools that we have created were based on my experiences juggling single Motherhood and a full-on career. I am a perfectionist for systems that work and this works for me so I am confident it will work for you too, and by that I mean – having it all without stress! If you are interested then register here and we’ll send you some information next month.

If you are waiting for the sixth tool for increasing effectiveness, don’t worry, it will be with you next week.

Meanwhile, breath right down into your diaphragm and smile your way to a wonderful long weekend with you loved ones.

With passion!

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