Tracey Carr

Tracey is the Founder of IFPC and My Best Year Ever and the creative force behind The Global Leadership Summit

She is also a C-Level coach, mentor, speaker, seminar leader and writer with over 15 years international experience in empowering people to succeed; She has achieved all of this while being a dedicated single Mom of three girls.

Tracey ran her first training seminar for women leaders in 2001 for her business eve-olution and since then has coached more than 10,000 of the highest achievers in Europe and around the World, helping them with their careers, dreams and aspirations.  Her clients include global brand leaders in Finance, Retail and IT, such as Cisco, Lloyds, Barclays and B&Q to name just a few.

Her work has been endorsed by the Secretary of State and her research published in The Economist, The Times and many other magazines and publications. Her seminars have been enthusiastically received on 3 Continents.

In 2012 Tracey took up the challenge from one of her seminar attendees to turn her success system and paper planner into software and has, for the past three years been dedicated to that task and is now happily getting back to what she does best – sharing her knowledge with others.

What will I learn on  Grab Your Future by the horns

In this final live presentation Tracey will show you how to bring all of the amazing information and learning you have gained  into one streamlined, easy to manage,  system.

Information is worthless unless we do something with it. Time and time again people attend seminars and webinars or read books but they don’t APPLY WHAT THEY KNOW. That’s because nobody ever showed you how or held your hand as you took your few tentative steps forward.

Its time to change that by joining our supportive community where you will have access to the skills and resources you need when you need them.

Drawing on 15 years’ experience working with C-Suite Executives on streamlining their performance and their lives Tracey will give you the nuts and bolts of the system that all peak performers use. A system that will transform your life from overwhelm to peace of mind, making sure that you take away and actually use the information from this unique Leadership Summit for your Best Year Ever 2016

Behind every great performance there is a leader who had a dream and then produced a step by step process for getting there.

Take control of your future and make those dreams come true in 2016!

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