When life throws a curve ball

Photographs from our recent F Word event

It feels like it has been a long time since I updated you and that’s because so much has changed and so much has been happening. All very exciting stuff and I haven’t been this energised for many years about life and work. I have taken a breath today and am working in my garden which always inspires me. I can hear bird song all around and this is the first time in many months that I have been able to sit outside and work. I can’t be inspired and not write so here goes ….my thoughts today are about difficult times and how to navigate them. What to do and what to focus on. I did a radio interview on this recently and will send the link when I get it but for now here are my written ramblings.

I always ask this question in my seminars and coaching …’what will you do when you hit the wall?’ Not if you hit the wall but when, because, lets not kid ourselves, it will happen to us all at some stage or another.
It has happened to me a few times in life, both professionally and personally and last year was a great opportunity for me to learn how to walk my talk once again.

 Through circumstances beyond my control my business life presented one challenge after another consistently and relentlessly. During 2009 and 2010 I had a quick and steep learning curve about technology in order to bring my web project to life but in the process I went through 3 software suppliers, ended up in litigation with one of them, had a plethora of issues with funding and ultimately sold my house to complete the project.
During this time I had two choices:

1. Give up and do ‘poor me’

2. Walk my talk and find a way over the wall, under the wall or round the wall

I chose the latter.

What I am about to share is my personal philosophy about life. It’s not for everyone but I have had the opportunity to prove, over and over again that, if we go beyond our fears there are bigger and better things ahead. In other words, all of our dreams are at the other side of our fears.

So, life has thrown you a curve ball. Here’s what happens …you panic. You start operating from the reptilian part of your brain and you stop operating according to your higher self (wisdom) How often have you seen this happen to people during the recession? Crisis management, command and control, lack of vision, no listening and no long term planning. In other words …no leadership, either personally or professionally.

And most people get stuck there.

I nearly got stuck there myself in 2010 but I reminded myself over and over this was an opportunity to prove that if you use the principles that I teach there is an ending that is beyond your wildest dreams and the bottom line is faith. In other words the basis of persistence is the power of will. Most people (under extreme pressure) will throw their dreams out of the window but faith and persistence create a higher vibration. Some people call this prayer and others call it magic and others call it iron will. Call it what you will but don’t underestimate the power of your steadfast intention.

There is too much to tell here for one blog so I am going to start a new coaching series. I am going to tell you exactly how to practice the persistence and faith necessary to overcome any obstacle.

I feel qualified (once again 😉 to teach you this as I have just gone from ground zero to the manifestation of an ideal working environment that is perfect for my needs. I am working with a group of amazingly talented individuals who have the same values as mine and are committed to helping people and organisations. I have found the infrastructure (International) to support my baby web project so that she can grow into the powerful force that she needs to be …oh and …there is a new ideal man in my life too.

Was it worth selling my house for and handling all the cr**p for? Yep, the rewards are potentially far greater than leaving a chunk of money stuck in a dormant housing market..and if I hadn’t done that I wouldn’t be sitting where I am now, which is in the perfect place to create my future. Did I doubt an outstanding outcome from my troubles in 2010? Nope, not for one minute …even though at times I questioned myself, I consistently used the tools that I teach and believe in.

I can’t quite spill the beans about how I am working or who I am working with but I will in the next installment…watch this space.
…so exciting!

I can tell you this though ….I couldn’t have thought up this solution. I ‘heard’ it by being present enough to know what was right in front of me. Stress can block us for our higher power and we miss all the routes to freedom that appear on our path.

Hence the F Word….and the MOJO revolution!

Finally, for those of you who missed the F Word, we will be publishing another date in the near future. Here is a picture of my 15 year old daughter and me after she did her board break.

Until the next time …live with passion!

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