Women Leaders need an Organisation that supports them as women

You may have noticed that I didn’t blog last week. We had a very scary Bank Holiday in our family. My 18 year old daughter had a totally unexpected seizure and nearly lost her life. Thank God she is OK.

This kind of incident makes you re-calibrate everything in life and I was floundering for most of last week with questions like ‘why am I trying to change the world when I could be having a simple life and spending time with my family?’

I know that you too, as women leaders, have such thoughts constantly. Not because you have dramatic incidents, necessarily, but because you are constantly re-assessing the work-life balance question.

I have been doing a lot of research on the female brain for my new book and now know that the way women think is wired into our brains. We are wired for empathy and men are wired for systemising. I am not making right or wrong judgements here – just excited to find some facts to back up the intuition, anecdotes and stories.

We also have brains that love to connect with people. With these differences making us more likely to be thinking about, and caring about home and work and family and friends all at the same time, we need employers who are Gender Intelligent.

Why do organisations need to be Gender Intelligent? Because women are no less brilliant for not being as ‘focussed’ as men and there needs to be more understanding between the masculine and feminine out there.

I hope that this little blog goes some way toward making you feel proud to be women leaders and not blokes in skirts. Get bolder, multi-task to your hearts content and be proud of your ability to juggle. Finally, ask for what you want.

I am very excited to be speaking with Sarah Speake (Industry Director at Google) tomorrow and she has some extraordinary stories to tell including the fact that she was headhunted for Google whilst pregnant!

Big round of applause for Google.

Don’t we all deserve the same dignity and respect? If you haven’t got it where you work …..what are you going to do?
If you missed this video last time I posted it – here it is again. PLEASE WATCH 😉


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