2016 Goal Map

Happy New Year!

As you plan your New Year goals we wanted to give you some tips and ideas to bring those goals to fruition so here is a neat idea from me that I have used since the year 2000 and taught 1000’s of leaders who have used it successfully to reach their dreams and goals.

2016 Goal Map 

goal map 2016

Draw a tree trunk, like the one shown here, with a date for achieving your priority goal. Next draw branches to right and left and add images to those branches which represent the ‘big chunks’ or activities that you need to complete in order to hit the big goal. Towards the top draw images of your outcomes and rewards and, most importantly, put yourself in the centre as the magician who created it all !

Upload to My Best Year Ever

vision board with goal map

Once you have created your beautiful clear goal map put it on the wall where you will see it every day. Next take pictures of your goal map and upload them to your Vision Board inside My Best Year Ever  to refresh your system for another 12 months around new goals and aspirations.

What’s the point ? 

Your mind is like a guided missile. Whatever you feed your mind with is what will be manifested in your world. Rubbish in = rubbish out so take control!

Now with your goal map on the wall, and also on your phone aligned to your goals and tasks inside your personalised system, you have a complete programming kit for your reticular activator. 

The reason that we create pictures is to include our right brain and imagination in the process of planning. It is highly unlikely that you will draw an image of something you don’t want and so this process helps you to see which parts of your minds ideas you can ditch.


My wish for you is PEACE, PROSPERITY & LOVE in 2016

Thank you for another GREAT year !

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