Before we continue, thank you…

I am loving how this idea has taken off. Thank you, thank you!

123 You Rock!

….it is time to celebrate the achievement of setting out a plan for 2014 (more than a New Years resolution) and making some commitments toward creating that vision.

Before we move onto step 3 and using My Best Year Ever for Quarterly milestones and Monthly goals I just wanted to give you a little update on how others are using the platform aswell.

The response has been overwhelming. In the two short weeks since we launched we have been approached by a charity who want to use My Best Year Ever for people who have recovered from cancer.

This fulfills my need for contribution beyond anything I could have dreamed about and makes this work come to life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Thank you to Jason Cunningham, the licence holder who brought this opportunity to us.

We also have had a few coaches joining us to either i) use for their own clients or ii) use in the businesses they consult to support change management programmes.

Here is some feedback from Vanessa Vallely who is using her own branded platform for her mentees on Project You. You can read more about Vanessa’s business here

As a coach & mentor, My Best Year Ever has been a God-send for my coaching sessions and also for the delegates of my development programme: Project YOU. Through My Best Year Ever I have been able to work more effectively with my clients and their aspirations as the functionality has really helped, both me and my users to get to the nitty gritty of what they are looking to achieve. I am able to see all of my client’s goals and yearly plans in one place (my own branded Coaching Room) which is a joy! Feedback from 100% of My Best Year Ever subscribers has been excellent. All of them said that having the tool made them sit down and really evaluate where they wanted to go and moreover detail how they intend to achieve their aspirations. Vanessa Valley, MD, We Are The City and Author of Heels of Steel

We have also been lucky to have now set up two business with My Best Year Ever who are using the platform to edit it around their business goals and objectives and support all of their staff toward the same goals and aims. They also have their own branded platforms and are using them to help support staff in monthly one to one progress meetings. The staff love the Dump Chunk Do drag and drop feature for saving time!

One of those businesses is the Venus Awards for business women and the other is Bespoke 4 Business. It has been a joy setting both up and training their staff how to use the system.

You can read more about having your own branded coaching room or business license by clicking the button below

(below is me having just come back from a glorious walk in the Winter sunshine. Using My Best Year Ever has revolutionized my life and given me back my time. . I will share more later).

tracey walk

Take control of your time. Get more time for you and those that you love!

£97 for 12 months use of our digital cloud based performance software plus live monthly webinars for Q & A

My Best Year Ever

Don’t forget to use the coaching support buttons to ask questions so that we can support you all through monthly broadcasts – dream creation!

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Help your clients or employees live the life they dream about. What difference can we make using the power of technology?

If you would like to talk to us about editing and tailoring My Best Year Ever for your business, coaching practice or team then please visit our main website by clicking the image above

We all have the same amount of time: What we do with that time is what separates us

Be the change you want to see in the world – Gandhi

I promised to share with you how My Best Year Ever has helped me reclaim my life. Next week when we look at time management to ensure that you stay on track for your goals and dreams, I will share more ‘how to’ information. For now I just wanted to share a quick video that I made that shows the Dump Chunk Do app. Just click the image below.

IFPC Globe pic

Thank you so much for all your wonderful feedback. It truly makes the last two years of hard work worth it!

‘Just completed My Plan and the system is absolutely fantastic. Thank you!’ Erika Brodnock, CEO and Founder Karizma Kidz

‘Whenever I log into Dump Chunk Do in My Best Year Ever it takes the world off my shoulders. The coaching workshop helped and supported me in setting my goals and now in Track My Plan I am tracking my goals on a regular basis. Keeping a record of my activity and what I have achieved and also dumping all my task lists from paper and Outlook and social media into one place is so powerful literally gives me peace of mind’ Peter Coleman, Lloyds

With this system, I am able to consolidate all of my lists, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals in one place. For someone who needs to or wants to manage their time, it’s invaluable. I don’t forget anything as I can record my thoughts and “to do” tasks as they come to mind and am able to stay on track with all of my objectives, because the information I need is at my finger tips. Ask anyone who is successful in business what one of their top attributes is and they will all say the same, 100% laser focus. This is what MBYE gives me. I would highly recommend this software to anyone who wants to get organised, stay organised and remain on track to achieve their Best Year Ever. Mandy Collins, Entrepreneur

IFPC Little men

My Best Year Ever

Cloud based, digital, personalised and interactive coaching, goal setting and time management. Manage everything all in one place and use on the go to eliminate paper lists forever and regain control of your time.

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My Best Year Ever

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