“What do you want to do every day for the rest of your life?”

Here is  a funny video. But it comes with a warning… If you are easily offended and/or you don’t like swearing please don’t watch it! If you watch it at work make sure you have your headphones on!

It is fifteen minutes long so get yourself a coffee and settle down for a shocking but honest view of life from Gary Vanerchuck who will ask you…

“What do you want to do every day for the rest of your life?”

Your inner experience is the source of your outer experience. If you have taken on board what Gary says about transparency and brand, how do you propose to develop yours? On our specialist career coaching courses for women leaders we focus on feminine power built from the inside out

Here are some pointers to help you discover a strong charismatic personal brand. You can’t do this quietly. Think about it… Nobody who is very successful has done it without postioning themselves to succeed.

  • STOP the negative self talk such as ‘I deserve better’, ‘life is cheating me’ or ‘I’m not good enough’ because you are feeding yourself a diet of bitterness, resentment and anger. STOP!
  • You will know if you are feeding yourself with negativity. Look at what comes out of you. Who are you being in the world? Look at what you’ve got and you’ll know what you’ve been feeding yourself
  • Concentrate on gratitude, humility and be thankful for your life. Remember that love and gratitude are primary emotions which will help change the old patterns
  • STOP witholding your needs and desires. If you are doing stuff you hate, STOP now!
  • Re-wire the circuits of your mind for success. Unfreeze the pictures of the past. Re-write the past so that you can have a good future
  • Keep better company
  • Dare to be yourself. It’s the only thing that counts
  • If goals work, why isn’t everybody happy? Forget your old goal setting system and work on your dreams
  • Go out and buy the most expensive suit you can afford
  • Walk three centimetres taller
  • Promise yourself you will mever make yourself small again in order that others feel comfortable around you
  • Don’t kid yourself that personal brand equity is something you can do on the outside. Your fire is within

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