Women leaders taking steroids

I don’t like the word feminism and I don’t call myself a feminist. I prefer to think that I am giving other women a leg-up where I can ….apparently something that is woefully rare in the sister-hood.

Why don’t women help other women as a general rule?

I am full of questions and frustrations and even anger this week. I can see how so called ‘feminists’ get angry and then get labeled militant for being loud and vocal. I am really, really cross about the ingrained stereotypes and unspoken witch-hunts and if you think I have lost the plot…just read here

  The Independent – Gender Gap

But don’t stop at the article ….read the thread afterwards and then tell me what you think and if that doesn’t galvanise you into proactive action, nothing ever will.

I don’t have a magic wand or any simple solution. I am doing my best by bringing solid fact-based information regarding biological brain differences and the need for a wider range of leadership styles rather than the all-male testosterone fuelled aggression that brought about the credit crunch  (and that is not all men by the way, any more than all women are ‘feminine’ )  I sincerely hope, that after reading the thread in the Independent link , it will motivate you to push for your companies to license http://www.genderiq.tv/ and mandate ALL employees to watch them (yes women have a lot to learn too)  and then measure understanding and demonstration of that understanding. This wont cure misogyny but we have along way to go and we need to start NOW.

Now is not the time to be hesitant or cautious. If the old system is put back together in the same way then we deserve what we get and we wont get to choose.

If you can’t influence your organisation then you can at least make sure you are doing your best for YOU – take control, read some books, get some personal development – come on our seminars. Authentic Leadership incorporating Gender IQ     Do whatever It takes to move form being passive to being in control.

If I haven’t persuaded you yet that we have a real issue on our hands then consider this: Chairman of the board and CEO of Lehman’s (Richard Fuld)  when it went down, refused to listen to his senior staff about the iceberg they were headed for and was known to deal with challenges with white knuckle aggression. He dealt with one ‘challenger’  by threatening to ram his fist down the critics throat and rip his heart out.

I know that some women are taking steroids to compete with this kind of aggression.

Here’s the rub ….softly, softly, don’t make too much noise and let the status quo remain. If that’s the case most women (and most men) will opt out rather than take part in that kind of insanity

Or, I urge  you do something. Make a stand. Push for change. Let us collectively say that we don’t want our Organisations run by men like Dick Fuld.

If not now …then when?

‘A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’
Margaret Mead

Please forward this blog to as many people  as you know who want change.
I am taking a break this week …..watch out for our new launch in September – we have so many great new products and services for you!


  1. Tracy,
    Thank you for your blog and highlighting the existence of stereotype thinking that I hoped (or perhaps rather assumed) were waning. In reading the thread linked to the independent article I was incensed. I was reminded of the time when sharing my frustrations of lack of women MPs with my husband and a male family friend. As I was disagreeing with his view I was told by said male family friend that I was being too aggressive in my arguments – and that this was a typical problem women have when trying to make themselves 'heard'.

    I set up my company to make a difference and for the advancement of women in order to see balanced authentic leadership. One of the back handed critsism I have faced is in the quetsions…'Why just women? Aren't you missing out on potential sales? Don't you want to coach men? Don't you like men?" ( Questions from both men and women)

    Clearly the point has been missed.

    Reading your blog has re-motivated me to carry on.
    Will all the women (and men) for change please stand up!

    With Passion too.

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