Begin With The End In Mind

What would you say if I said ….

I am your Fairy Godmother

….and you can have anything you want. Just close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine your life exactly the way you want it. In 5 years time …what can you visualise? What achievements ? Who is in your life? What are you proud of ?

Step 1 on having your Best Year Ever is to get very clear on your long term vision.

‘Without a vision the people perish’ Proverbs

It is important that you ask your heart and soul what you really want. The answer should come from your heart and soul and not your head. So go on, imagine that I am your Fairy Godmother and you can have anything you want. What would it be? (please trust me and don’t hold back – this process has worked for over 10,000 people).

For those of you who have already logged into My Best Year Ever – there are 14 carefully crafted questions that will help you tease out your desires and your beliefs and values. There is also an interactive wheel of life so that you can check for balance and then, following all of that reflection, you will be gifted with a beautiful certificate to print out and keep called My Plan.

Below is part of a certificate that was given to me the very first time that I used My Best Year Ever for myself. It gives you an idea of what the output of your reflections will look like and this will be available for you to review all year round (3 Super Goals are at the top and can’t be seen in this shot).

My Plan Certificate

Create a new story for 2014

£97 for 12 months with live coaching support

My Best Year Ever

I am offering you an infallible system.If you commit to this you cannot fail. The only thing that can stop you is you!


Daugther begin with the end
This photo is one of my daughters. She uses this system and is managing her own P & L at 23 years of age! There is no reason why you can’t do whatever you want!

If you are already in the system creating your plan please remember that there is a help button that has two choices: 1. Technology and 2. Coaching. Your coaching questions will come direct to me and for this special group I will be holding live coaching from next month. This will give everybody time to complete My Plan.

The final part of your preparation, before we move into tracking that fabulous plan, is to create your Roles of Excellence. Inside My Best Year Ever you will find a tab at the top of the screen for being creative and you can upload inspiring pictures there to remind yourself of what your heart desires and how they fit your long term dreams. This is your vision board area and you will be able to go to this tab at any time and look at the 7 most important areas of your life with 7 inspiring personal images and the following commitments:

  • Vision – record your long term dream
  • Purpose – what are you being in relation to this vision or who do you need to be?
  • Annual Goal – what will you achieve this year in relation to your vision? Be precise!

You will have scored yourself in 7 important areas on your interactive wheel of life but lets just have a look at one of those areas: Health.

My personal vision for health (recorded in My Best Year Ever under my Roles of Excellence in July 2013) is ‘I am on holiday with my children and grandchildren in the Lake District when I am 80 and we are still climbing mountains’ I hope you agree that this is more inspiring than ‘I want to lose weight this year’ My Purpose: ‘To be an inspiring image of health and vitality’ My annual goal: 10 stone, fit and toned (Ideally this should be more specific re body fat % and fitness but I am very focused on some other areas of my life this year.

Remember that LIFE is dynamic and every choice has a consequence and every non choice also has a consequence. Using this system helps you make those wise choices and be clear about the consequences. Ultimately it helps you keep all of the balls in the air!

Here is some feedback from two people who logged in last week:

‘I genuinely love it ! From the moment you sign in, it’s easy to follow – each step every page. The questions are thought provoking . Initially I worried about the answers, that they wouldn’t really be enough. Daft as it’s my life!

The best thing that I have found with My Best Year Ever is that you don’t have to sit and spend ages filling it all in. I have completed each section in the coaching workshop and printed my PLAN for the wall. Since then I have moved key goals into the quarterly milestones and monthly targets.

I’ve found it’s really flexible. I can use it on my phone (great for when you’re just waiting for something) and I can pick it up and put it down when I need to. This is very important to me as I tend to get those 5 to 10 mins in-between calls for “muuuuuuum” or sport or work!

My Best Year Ever is so much easier than the traditional paper based goals that I have used in the past.

This system is portable, easily accessible and saves each time you leave it. All ready for the next day!

Very excited about 2014 ! Ironman here I come !!!!’  Nikki Warnes, Coach, Mumpreneur and sport fanatic

‘I love what you have done. It has a great flow and takes you easily from step to step and looks good too!. I know how hard it is to get good bespoke software working for you.’  Tara Howard, MD Langtry Manor & Founder, Venus Awards

‘Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!’ Goethe

Having a system and a plan will give you more free time. Below is a picture of some free time I love to spend with my dog on the beach.

Tommy On Beach

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