Deadline midnight tonight …Happy Guy Fawkes

This is a quick reminder that the deadline is midnight tonight for getting your free bonuses. Let me remind you what they are

A live recording of one of my 2 day seminars (thoughts about leadership, life, success and even Botox from the UK’s most influential women)

A 10 page report on the competencies that senior level women have) based on real data collected from our leadership programmes

Here are the full details again

I have had a few questions re the day and one of the critical ones is this: Some of you need to get it signed off by your boss and ‘do we have a formal brief?’ Yes and it is called ‘Managing dynamic teams in a fear fuelled economy’ Please email for your copy.

Some of you are paying for yourselves. GREAT! Here’s what we have decided to do to help you. If you pay by Pay Pal or Bank transfer from your own funds we will give you two tickets for the price of one. If you book your ticket right now you will get all the bonuses and a second ticket free which means you can split the cost with a friend or colleague – and remember you will both get a sumptuous 3 course lunch at the Hoxton Apprentice thrown in as well! If you have already attended my 2 day seminar then you can come for FREE as long as you bring one paying guest. And remember that they can enjoy the two for the price of one deal if paying for themselves. Let’s add that up …..£99 EACH for an amazing day with three world class speakers, delicious Michelin starred 3 course lunch and bonuses worth an extra £120 each. Oops I am losing money. Never mind I want to get you there! Don’t lose this opportunity book here now

Obviously I have been thinking a lot about fear this week. Did you see The Apprentice? Paloma got fired. A talented, successful, professional woman got fired. Why? Not because she did anything wrong but because in the boardroom she let FEAR take over her physiology and she turned into a defensive, aggressive victim. Shame, it doesn’t have to be that way.

My 15 year old daughter made a video for me yesterday. It has been getting a lot of comments on FB. One of them was a private message from a guy who said ‘I was dreading the end thinking that it is was going to say …died in a car crash’ He isn’t unique, we have all been brain-washed by fear based advertising, a fear based economy and a fear based press.

You can peek at that video on FB by clicking this link Facebook – Tracey Carr 

When would be the right time to reclaim the source of your happiness?

Book here now

I hope to see you there

With passion!


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