Fear of rejection holding back sales?

A little while ago you helped me with some research about the sorts of products and services you want and need in the future. One of the biggest surprises for me was the high percentage of people (87%) who want tips on how to manage the inner saboteur.

So I took action. No point in doing the research if you aren’t going to respond right?

I took BIG action. I have organised for you …a very special event on November 25th bringing together all of the people and information that you need to banish any kind of inner saboteur …forever! And, I am goingt o be teaching you all my secret skills for managing physiology if you get shaky when you speak in public.

Have a look here at why it is important to manage fear

For really detail information about who is coming and what bonuses you will get and the lovely sumptuous lunch we have laid on for you. Look here all the goodies we’ve included

And …this is really exciting ….my dear friend Richard has agreed to come and do a live phobia cure before your very eyes. You will see somebody go from absolute terror to calm in less than an hour. Here is four minutes from Rich who went from Investment Banking to phobias and is now here to help and enter-train you 😉 Rich on life and the Universe

So…please come. We really want as many people as possible to witness these technologies and so have kept the price as low as possible. You can skip all the info if you want and take massive action for your future by booking here Event booking form

To your success!

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